queue understands and manages your tasks.

So you're always on top of what you need to do.

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Queue is a custom personal assistant

It handles your to-do list while you focus on what you love. Tasks are prioritized and scheduled to fit into your lifestyle. With Queue, everything is under control.

Find out more about Queue for:

Queue for work

Hi, I'm Queue. How can I help?
team meeting at 4
OK, I blocked off 4-5pm on your calendar.

Text what you need, and Queue takes it from there. With Queue, there's no unwieldy interface to get in your way. Whatever you need, just tell Queue.

finish proposal by next Friday
Alright, I broke up this task into 3 subtasks: create an outline, write a rough draft, and finalize the proposal. Creating the outline is scheduled for tomorrow at 10am.

Queue understands that some tasks can't be completed in a day. It breaks down larger tasks and spreads them out according to your schedule.

How was your day?
Tiring. I had too much to do today.
I can move some of tomorrow's tasks to later in the week, is that alright?
That sounds good
Got it.

Queue checks on you to make sure you're keeping on track with your tasks and can rearrange your schedule to fit whatever comes up.

Queue for school

Hi, what can I Queue for you?
physics homework due thursday
I've set aside three hours for physics on Tuesday at 3pm.

Queue doesn't need specifics. It can look through your schedule and find the best time to schedule tasks.

10 page philosophy paper due on the 17th
Alright, I broke up this task into 3 subtasks: write an outline, finish a rough draft, and finalize the paper. Writing the outline is scheduled for tonight at 6pm.

Don't leave things to the last minute. Queue breaks down larger tasks and spreads them out according to your schedule.

I have a history quiz tomorrow
I pushed writing the outline to tomorrow so you can study history tonight at 6.
Thanks Queue
No problem.

Queue is flexible so you're always in control when things pop-up.

Queue for life

What do you want to Queue next?
Milk eggs brussels sprouts
Alright, got it. I've added Milk, Eggs, and Brussels Sprouts to your grocery list.
Remember to go grocery shopping this Saturday at 2pm.

Queue understands the context and meaning of messages. It maintains to-do lists, grocery lists, events, personal projects, and exercise regimens.

Go to the gym tomorrow
I added Gym time to your schedule tomorrow at 8am.

Queue remembers your preferences. Early riser? Night owl? Queue gets it and plans your day accordingly.

What do I have coming up for this week?
You can see your daily agenda here:

With Queue, you are always organized and on top of your to-dos with a custom personal daily agenda.

I'm going on vacation until next Monday.
OK, Jessie, I cleared your schedule. Have fun on your trip!
thanks Queue
My pleasure.

Queue is here to help you get the most out of life. So go ahead, be spontaneous!

About Us

We are research scientists and technologists with a simple goal: to give you the peace of mind that comes with being on top of what you need to do. We are building a smart personal assistant and a digital chief of staff to automatically prioritize your tasks and manage your schedule to let you focus on what's important to you. Our technology uses domain-relevant intelligence to understand tasks, automatically prioritizes them, pulls in relevant information, integrates them into your schedule, and helps you get them done without any external intervention.

We are based in New York and backed by the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Innovation Institute at Cornell Tech.


Q: How does Queue know my schedule?
A: Queue integrates with your calendar. You decide which calendars to share, and what level of access to give. Queue does NOT modify your existing calendar or events, but only uses that information to learn when you are free/busy.

Q: How does Queue know my preferences?
A: When you first start, we set up a short personal interview with you to learn about your daily routine, habits, and time-management goals for the future. This is Queue's starting point. After that, Queue learns from interacting with you. It's pretty neat and seamless.

Q: Is Queue completely automated?
A: Yes and no: Queue automatically understands some tasks, and it is constantly learning about new tasks. If Queue is not sufficiently sure about something, then a human intervenes to make sure you always get a top-notch experience.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Queue is free for early access and beta users.

Q: What's next?
A: Sign up for the waiting list to find out :)

Questions? Contact us at